Bringing some life to the freezer aisle.

Working with Karen Hoefner and Nomad Dumplings on developing their packaging suite was a total pleasure. The product itself – a pre-cooked, healthy, delicious, Chinese dumpling – is something that any food lover could get easily behind. The brand's aesthetic – bright, graphic, and playful – is something any designer would be lucky to work in. Look for the dumplings in Washington, DC grocery stores.



Bright, bold, in-your-face, abrasive; this packaging was designed to look in no way like any other frozen, packaged food. The patterns relate semantically to each of the dumplings, while the color of each package corresponds to the natural dyes that tint each dumpling's dough.



Shot in natural light, the photo style we went with for this project was bright, but with an atmospheric mood. Each photo was intended to have a bright and warm tone, showcasing the ingredients and care used in preparing Nomad's dumplings.