Find out if your name has legs.

Viable was built by ISL to provide an initial scan of if, and how, your new venture’s name already exists in the universe. Using our custom algorithm, we pull data from Domainr, Markify, the App Store, Product Hunt, and Angel List to calculate your unique viability score. Hugest of praise to our amazing development team, led by Taylor Guidon with help from the OG iOS dev Thomas Degry and web development by Lee-Anne Clarke. Lots of art direction provided by Maggie Gaudaen and general project management wizardry by Margot Mausner.


Information Architecture and User Experience

We built this app from scratch, and thereby had to establish new patterns that don't necessarily exist in iOS at present. We tested, tested, and tested again to determine what actually made sense to our users.


Brand and Identity

From the wordmark to type, color, and iconography we wanted Viable to be approachable and playful. Additionally, a great deal of the application consists of list views and rather dry info – so vibrant visual design was our outlet for making Viable fun to use.


Visual Design

And finally, the app interface. The mandates for this were to keep Viable beautiful, legible, and digestible. Every screen should make sense, every icon should be easily tap-able. We wanted our users to have no problem knowing where to look and what to tap.